Sun Jammer - First Navigable Solar Sail

About Sunjammer

Through a special, exclusive agreement – as a Name A Star Live customer – you will be part of this, one of the coolest and most innovative space missions in history. Your star name will be on board this monumental mission into deep space. Space Services Holdings, Inc. – Name A Star Live’s parent company – is part of a team of leading aerospace companies and government agencies that is developing and launching Sunjammer.

Sunjammer: Sailing Among the Stars

Sunjammer Sail over Planet Earth

A solar sail harnesses the physical pressure of sunlight to propel a craft in space: It’s the ultimate in green space technology! Named Sunjammer in honor of science fiction legend Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s similarly named story, this NASA-funded starship will travel many millions of kilometers toward the Sun, demonstrating – for the first time – a solar sail’s ability to fly and to navigate, as well as to provide early warning against the dangers of solar storms heading Earth’s way.

With Sunjammer, Name A Star Live continues its tradition of including our customers on board the most compelling space missions. No other star naming service is part of a real aerospace company. No other star naming service takes you on journeys among the stars. Participation in this mission is included with every purchase of a Name A Star Live gift set: This name-a-star offer is available exclusively from us.

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Watch the Mission Live, Online and On Television

Young students learning about the Solar Sail

The Sunjammer Solar Sail Mission will be web-streamed and broadcast, enabling people around the world to participate via educational opportunities and entertainment avenues. While in space, the Solar Sail will be equipped with cameras, making this an incredible event you will never forget! Sign up for mission updates and view all aspects of the mission at

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Why Solar Sails?

Schematic of Solar Sail Mission

Solar Sail propulsion represents a breakthrough technology allowing satellites and spacecraft to harness the unlimited power of the Sun, known as photonic energy, to navigate without the constraints of traditional fuel or propellant. Solar Sails will not only increase the mission life of satellites and spacecraft, but they can also reduce overall costs exponentially, as well as provide the flexibility to maneuver into unique orbits and positions in space.

Breakthrough Technology

Solar Sail in front of the Sun

The Sunjammer Solar Sail is constructed from an advanced material called Kapton. The sail itself is folded into a dishwasher-sized carrier weighing less than 70 lbs (32 kg), and is then fully deployed in space by inflating booms that extend from the center of the spacecraft, stabilizing the sail: The booms function like the booms on a sailboat, providing structure for the sail to work. Sunjammer uses specially designed "steering vanes" to help navigate it through space. Sunlight, known as photonic energy, effectively "pushes" the spacecraft by reflecting off of the sail.

Join the Mission and Become a Deep Space Explorer!

Solar Sails: Yesterday and Today

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