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Virtual Planetarium™ Astronomy Software

Name A Star Live Deluxe and Ultimate Gift Sets include the award winning "Virtual Planetarium" software developed in collaboration with Rice University and the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We invite you to closely compare the astronomy software offerings of other star naming companies – you'll easily see the difference.

Virtual Planetarium: The Sky Tonight Name A Star Live Testimonial

Launch Your Star Name and Personal Message to Space

All Name A Star Live Gift Sets include complimentary “space archive” launch and certified launch certificate: we launch your star's name into space, and provide you a launch certificate after the launch occurs. In most cases, you can attend the launch in person or watch it webcast on the Internet. Name A Star Live is operated by Space Services, Inc. – a real aerospace company that has been launching payloads into space since 1982. No other star naming company has such a record of space launch success. Click here for information about our next launch.

Name A Star Live archive disk inside spaceflight cannister Explorers Flight launch, August 2, 2008
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